Wife Sharing Pics and Stories

{December 6, 2008}  

Ok, we have never blogged before so we are just trying to figure this out. We thought if would be a cool way to here some stories and maybe meet some people who may be into this.

Ever since we dating, we figured out we like to take sexy pictures. My wife is a bit of an exhibitionist and I am quite the voyeur so it works out well. Now, I had some experience with swinging and had some threesomes with prior girlfriends but this was new for my wife.

Every now and then the subject would come up. Whenever it did, it really got me turned on. My wife was more reserved but I could tell is aroused her. One night after a hot love making session she told me of a fantasy she has had since she was a young girl. She said is has always been a fantasy to be surrounded by men that were masturbating on her. When she said that it really blew my mind.

Time went by and finally the subject came up again. We were getting close to our first experience together. Now she still was not quite sure how she felt about it but I could not wait. I tried to explain to her that it can be a wonderful sharing, loving experience for a couple who are committed and secure. If you are in the right place it can really increase the bond you share. You must be secure with your love for each other and you must trust each other. Then, without jealousy you may take pleasure in watching your partner receive pleasure as well as take pleasure in knowing that you are pleasureing your partner by being in the whole experience. It is truely mind blowing… and it was!!!!!


Our first wife sharing experience

Our first wife sharing experience

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